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We advance on our journey only when we face our goal, when we are confident and believe we are going to win out. by Orison Swett Marden

“We advance on our journey only when we face our goal, when we are confident and believe we are going to win out.”

An Orison Swett Marden quote

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What does this quote mean?

“We advance on our journey only when we face our goal, when we are confident and believe we are going to win out.” This insightful quote by Orison Swett Marden enlightens us on the vital principles of personal growth and success.

Marden begins with the idea of facing our goal, underscoring the need for clear, focused objectives in our life’s journey. Without distinct goals, our efforts may become scattered and ineffective, leading to stagnation instead of progress. Facing our goal implies active engagement with our aspirations, diligently moving towards them with each step we take.

The second part of the quote places confidence and belief at the forefront. It is not enough to merely have a goal, one must harbor an unwavering belief in the possibility of its attainment. Confidence in our abilities helps overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in our path. Belief, on the other hand, fuels our determination, reinforcing our commitment to our goals.

In essence, Marden’s quote serves as a reminder of the potent combination of clarity of purpose, confidence in our capabilities, and belief in our eventual success. It inspires us to stay focused on our objectives, be confident in our journey, and maintain a steadfast belief in our ability to succeed.

How can I use this quote in my life?

The wisdom embedded in Marden’s words isn’t just meant for philosophical pondering – it’s a practical guide that can transform your life.

Firstly, it encourages you to define your goals. What is it that you aspire to do or become? Once you’re clear about your destination, direct all your efforts towards it. Don’t merely glance at it occasionally; face it head-on. Live with your goals in your sight – every decision, every action should be a step towards that destination.

Secondly, this quote teaches you the power of self-confidence. In the journey of life, obstacles are inevitable. But instead of perceiving them as roadblocks, see them as stepping stones that bring you closer to your goals. Remember that no challenge is too great if you believe in your ability to overcome it.

Lastly, embrace a winning attitude. Always believe that you’re going to “win out”. This isn’t about being naive or ignoring the realities of life – it’s about cultivating a positive mindset that propels you forward. When you believe in your success, you’re more likely to take risks, seize opportunities, and persist in the face of adversity.

About the Author

Orison Swett Marden was an influential American author, born on June 11, 1848, in Thornton Gore, New Hampshire. Renowned for his pivotal role in the self-help movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Marden’s significant works like “Pushing to the Front” and “The Prosperity Bible” persist as beacons of inspiration and personal growth, marking his enduring legacy in motivational literature.